freeze while kernel executes?

Hi there,

I’ve been googling the various posts here about CUDA freezing machines, but didn’t find anything quite related to what is going on here.

I have a kernel that executes for about 2.5 seconds on average. During that time, the entire machine is frozen, meaning: screen activity stops, cannot move mouse cursor, no input.

When the kernel stops running, the machine unfreezes.

Since I need to run additional computation jobs during kernel execution, that isn’t very helpful. Any suggestions / similar experiences?

My configuration:

  • Geforce 285
  • CUDA 2.1 SDK
  • Windows XP, using Visual Studio 2008 for C++


You are using only one device for both purposes (display and CUDA).
so when kernel executes, this device can not use for display purposes.
if you want to solve this problem, you can use another graphic card for display, or using Linux.

Kernel launches are asynchrnous. The CPU can continue executing a computation job while the kernel runs.

The screen is freezing simply because the GPU is 100% dedicated to running the kernel and cannot update the screen.