Freezed at logo on Ubuntu16.04 kernel 4.15.0-126-generic

I installed the cuda toolkit by for my Tesla T4 graphic. I want to use it for my deep learning accelerating. Firstly, I installed it at the text mode by editing the /etc/default/grub, The driver was installed successfully. After that, I changing the grub to splash silent and reboot the system, it freezed at the logo screen.

I installed the cuda with xorg.conf = yes, and my computer has a Tesla T4 and a Intel integrated graphic.

Could anyone please give some advice?
Thank you.

Doing this is kind of tricky with 16.04. Please uninstall the nvidia driver and anything cuda first (or reinstall 16.04 to have a clean slate).
Then download the standalone nvidia driver .run file and run it with options
–no-opengl-files --dkms
Afterwards, run the cuda installer but skip!! the driver install.