Freezes when flashing


unable to flash AGX Xavier 16/32. Freezes at the Flash Jetson Linux - 98 stage%
SDKmanager Ubuntu 16.04 or 20.04 (259.8 KB)
SDKM_logs_JetPack_5.1_(rev._1) (161.4 KB)

I’ve been struggling with the flashing for two days in Pre-Conf mode. Today I decided to do it in Runtime mode - and it was the right decision.

Hi smirnov.andrew.e,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

Could you flash the board with runtime mode successfully ?

I have a custom board. And I have already successfully flashed my jetson in runtime mode.
We also managed to install all the software through the SDK manager.

Thank you for the wonderful device.

If your custom board does not have significant design as devkit, you could use SDK Manager to flash the board.
If you have some differences related to the custom carrier board, you might need to modify pinmux/device tree or something else and create your own board config for flash script to flash your board.

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