freezing on Runtime Sanity Check Trouble with display drivers

Hey everyone,
I’m rather new to CUDA and comp. sci, so please bear with me. I recently installed Fedora 8 on a brand new machine for reasearch purposes. The goal of this machine is to use CUDA for data processing. We are using a Geforce GTX 280 graphics card. I installed the right version of graphics drivers for this graphics card and it seemed to be working fine. Seemingly randomly, the machine stopped working yesterday, unable to run the GUI. The error message was that the x-server failed to launch, with the following problems:
(EE) no devices detected
fatal server error:no screens found

From what I can figure out, it seems to be unable to find the graphics card. I tried reinstalling the graphics card drivers, and although the installation seemed to be working fine, it halted when it arrived to the Runtime Sanity Check, where the progress bar remained at 0%. We used another machine to initiate a poweroff on the machine in question, and although it took almost 15 minutes, the machine finally powered down, with each process taking an extremely long time to terminate.
Has anyone encountered a similar problem before? The most puzzling aspect of this is that the machine worked fine just a few days ago. Thanks for the help,

This doesn’t sound like a CUDA problem. Are you reporting that the graphics card no longer appears on the PCI bus (not in lspci output) ?

The problem wasn’t related to CUDA after all, just the machine acting strange. It took a little bit of luck with fiddling with the display settings in the x-server, strangely enough… Thanks anyways!