Frequency Issues with 450.57 on USB-C connect displays

Hi all!

After an upgrade on my ArchLinux machine from 440.100 to 450.57, my secondary display (Dell P2720D, USB-C connection) stopped working, complaining about invalid input timing / frequency.

My primary display (Dell U2715H, HDMI connection) works just fine.

Both displays use a 2560x1440@60Hz resolution, according to xrandr also regardless of connection type.

Issue can be reproduced by swapping connections, the P2720D starts working while now the U2715H complains, which sounds to me like USB C is the problem. Others found this as well: [450.57] "Out of Range" on display connected with USB-C Display Adapter

Downgrading to 440.100 solves the problem for now. output at verbosity 6 is attached.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (269.3 KB)

This is still happening as of 455.23