Frequency Levels in GTS 4**,5** etc.

I was looking for a GPU with compute capability >=2.0 which support event sampling for accessing the performance counters. I do have a K20 with me but the frequency scaling levels it provides is quite less and not useful for my work. The only way I can get around it is by probably tweaking the bios which may brick it.

So I was looking for other GPUs from the above list which have compute capability >=2.0. There are a lot of them, but since I am using a GTS 250 and it does provide me the necessary frequency scaling support, I was looking at the GTS series 4**,5** etc. Can anybody tell me a way so that I can verify that these GPUs would let me do the frequency scaling using nvclock ( and will provide me a full range of frequencies unlike K20 which only has two memory frequency levels to choose from.

Thank You.

What is the use case that requires finer granularity in selecting these frequencies?