Frequency measurement

Is there any way to measure running time frequency of operation on Jetson TX1?

Hi fernandofernandesantos, not sure exactly what you mean, but tegrastats might be what you need, here’s a thread with additional info:

Actually, I was wondering if there is a way to measure the CPU and GPU clock while running an application. Is it possible?
I followed the dusty_nv tips in this link and I found a directory /sys/kernel/debug/clock_stats, which have some files that change constantly. I would like to know if these files give some useful information to me?

I’m not sure what kind of information you need.
‘tegrastats’ show current freq/usage of CPU/GPU, etc.
‘/sys/kernel/debug/clock_stats’ shows some statistic information. you can refer to kernel source drivers/platform/tegra/clocks_stats.c for details.