Frequency Scaling in GTX 650

I am trying to modify the core and memory frequency of GTX 650 using nvclock but it seems like nvclock
does not recognize GTX 650. OTOH, the nvidia-smi -ac,-rac does not support GTX 650. Is there any other tool I can use for frequency scaling in GTX 650 (I am using Ubuntu).?

Either a modified BIOS or via MVML under *nix.

The thread below is talking about GTX Titan, but the same applies:

Under Windows, you have better control over frequency scaling in software with apps like NVIDIA Inspector and EVGA Precision, etc, however you might suffer some performance penalties due to WDDM driver model. If you don’t want to bother with modding, you can simply test your application on both OSs and figure out what the overhead is, and factor it on based on the results of the computations in Windows… that’s the best workaround that I can come up with.

Edit: I see now that you were the same person that posted asking in that thread, heh. Really I don’t think there are any other methods under Linux, so if you require more choices, you’ll have to either teach yourself how to mod a Kepler BIOS or find someone – perhaps on that will do it for you. FWIW, I believe GTX 650 BIOS frequency table might be possible to edit just with Keplet BIOS Tweaker alone as opposed to the K20 one… but again, do your due diligence and make backups/have a spare GPU handy if you choose to attempt any BIOS mod/flashes to be able to recover in case of failure.

Thanks for your reply. I have a small doubt. If I tweak the BIOS of GTX 650 in windows, will I have some kind of API or utility to modify the frequency using my C code. I am not really looking for a GUI doing the frequency scaling since I am using the 650 for my research.

Thanks much.

My understanding is that if as long as you define the frequency scales you want in the BIOS should be able to control them in software via MVML, but again I have not attempted anything of the such, so I am not entirely sure.

I am not familiar with the GTX 650, but in the case of GTX Titan, a feature known as GPU Boost 2.0 messed with a lot of overclockers – the card tends to throttle when it hit 80C and as such frequency scaling is not constant. On the GTX Titan thread, someone posted a link to a BIOS that had this feature disabled. I have not tested it myself, however. This being said, if you overclock that GTX 650 and it has a similar feature that auto-adjusts frequency presumably you won’t be able to do anything meaningful with your research because given you won’t be able to keep the frequency constant.

If you do achieve some progress in this I’d be interested, because it would add some consistency to the next round of results I publish in my next paper. My issue is mostly just to get the best performance though, not necessarily fixing the frequencies, but because it is not a Tesla, I know I’m losing some performance in Windows with WDDM, but in Linux I don’t have control over clocks and frequency… chicken and the egg :)