Frequent SteamVR and client crashes

I’m testing using Oculus 2 with a the 3.1.1. client and SteamVR running on a Win10 VM with NVIDIA GRID drivers v511.65 and having frequent SteamVR and client crashes. Are there any known issues with this driver? I’m new to SteamVR as well - are there any recommended logs to see what is going on, both server and client-side?

What seems to happen frequently is that that client will crash with the app and SteamVR continuing to run on the VM. When I then relaunch the client it sometimes will reconnect to the app or it will appear to hang - when it hangs SteamVR then crashes with a critical error.

Hi @shad.williams -

Within Windows you can use “Event Viewer” to see which of your apps have crashed - please consult that for the reason Steam is possibly crashing.