Frequent Wifi disconnection issues in TX1


We are using the Jetson TX1 Module, in our AGV’s. Our main Link of communication with our AGV’s is through onboard Wifi on TX1 Module. But we are facing very frequent Wifi disconnection issues as the Female SMA connector which is snap fit in nature, gets lose or get completely disconnected over a period of time due to vibrations on the AVG.
As SMA contacts are located in a very confined spot on TX1 Module, so providing any kind of securing mechanism for the connectors is very difficult. As the application demands it to be used in such environments which are susceptible to vibration.

Does Nvidia provide any solution for handling such problems?

Hi, seems the Glue or some other mechanical method is the only real way.

The module has already been tested pass on shock and vibration. You can find the testing standards of Mechanical Shock and Random Vibration in module datasheet, table 37. Please take that as reference.

Mechanical Shock: JESD22B111
Random Vibration: IEC 60028-2-2 & 64

Hi Trumany,

The Mechanical Shock and Random Vibration test standards which you have shared is for TX1 module only? And not with Antenna connectors in place?

We didn’t see an issue with Jetson TX1 development platforms during shock and vibration testing.