Fresh Flash on Xavier out of box fail: Error: CUDA cannot be installed on device

I just resolved this issue between my linux host and Xavier Dev kit with only USB-C link.

The key is to create the NAT route on linux host between the internet access network card and the USB virtual network.

Follow the guidance in this link

In my case, 2 USB virtual network card created. So I added both into ip table for route.

The last step, echo nameserver addr to /etc/resolv.conf. In Xavier ubuntu 18.04, this file is linked to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf, so I have to sudo -s and echo nameserver addr to this resolv.conf.

After the NAT setup, try “ping” in Xavier to test the internet access before Jetpack lib and tools installation.
When internet access available in Xavier, the installation can continue without any issue.