Fresh Install of Linux, llvmpipe instead of nvidia graphics

I’ve installed a fresh version of Linux 18.04 and updated the software. I’ve also updated the apt repository to install the open source 440 version of the driver following this guide:

This is all that I’ve done on this install and it’s still using llvmpipe for graphics instead of nvidia. There’s not blacklist_nvidia file that I can find either. When I open the nvidia x server settings app it looks like this:
I’ve tried a few other things before this and I’ve had the same issue. I managed to upload the log file but this forum has whitelisted files with extension loggz instead of log.gz so I extracted it and changed the extension to loggz
nvidia-bug-report.loggz (1.1 MB)

I was in secure boot mode in my bios. Once I disabled it everything works fine. Didn’t realize hardware management systems could be so difficult to linux