From Developer Kit to Orbitty Carrier


We use Jetson tx2 with developer kit. But we are done our job with developer kit and we want to do our job with orbitty. But the tutorial I watch states that I should do flash. But I dont want to lose my packages and CUDA-opencv etc. libs.

What should I do ? is it enough only flash without loading OS-Driver

You can clone your rootfs and save it for backup. The “raw” clone (clone produces a “.img” and a “.img.raw” file) is loopback mountable and can be used either for flashing or for general examination and exploration (the “sparse” “.img” file cannot be examined or manipulated, it is purely for flashing). For information on cloning see:

Although your software should probably work the same on a different carrier board the device tree will differ. You cannot simply connect the module to a new carrier and have it work. Device tree these days is part of the board support package and added during flash as a partition instead of being a simple file copy, so you can’t avoid flashing. You can clone first and make sure your “.img.raw” file is loopback mountable, e.g.:

sudo mount -o loop something.img.raw /mnt
ls /mnt
sudo umount /mnt