'FromProto' was not declared in this scope

I was trying to convert isaac msgs to ROS msgs, how to solve this error?

If you haven’t seen this already, here’s a useful related doc: https://docs.nvidia.com/isaac/isaac/packages/ros_bridge/doc/ros_bridge.html

As for this particular issues, FromProto is a convention for producing the runtime object from a proto (see 2020.2/sdk/messages/math.hpp for examples).

Have you checked that you are including all of the appropriate headers? Could you provide some context as to where you are seeing this error?

@hemals : Thanks , able to solve the issue.

having the same error. Could you say were the issue you had was, and how you fixed it? Thanks.

Have you checked through 'FromProto' was not declared in this scope - #2 by hemals from above, specifically the ROS Bridge documentation? Missing a step there can cause the errors reported here. Could you elaborate on your issue which may be different than what this post was about?