FSKP availability on the Jetson Nano

I saw in the documentation that FSKP is available for the Jetson Xavier devices but nothing is said about it being available for the Jetson Nano devices. ( see https://docs.nvidia.com/drive/drive_os_5.1.6.1L/nvvib_docs/index.html#page/DRIVE_OS_Linux_SDK_Development_Guide/Windows%20Systems/security_fskp.html ).

Is something similar available for the Jetson Nano devices?


Hi deyan,

That document you found is for DRIVE platform, it also can’t be used on Jetson Xavier.
For Jetson platform, please find the from Jetson Platform Fuse Burning and Secure Boot Documentation and Tools from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads
You can find the information for both Jetson Xavier and Jetson Nano.