Fstop do not work normally

Hi,I am now doing some experiments that need to change the ftsop of camera. However , after setting the fstop of the camera, no matter how I change the distance or even use sample focal distance, the image cannot become clear . How can I solve it to make the fstop work normally ?

I found that this is related to the default unit size of the new version,The size of object in the new version is obviously smaller than that of the old version. When facing small objects, the fstop of the camera does not seem to work properly.
Can I solve this problem by changing the camera properties? How to modify it?@Hammad_M @ahaidu

In my tests, I was able to set it to 1000 times what I expected, and it did OK, so a setting of 1800, instead of 1.8. I don’t think it should have to be this high, but it will take some looking into.

Hope this helps!

It is true that the image will become clear after setting to 1000 times, but the blurring effect seems to have disappeared, The normal effect should be clear within a certain range, beyond which it will become blurred.
Secondly, I find that the sample focal distance button does not work. After I use the “sample focal distance” button in the view, no matter how I modify the ftop value, the image was still blur
Will this bug be fixed in the next version?

It could be a bug, we will look into it.

If I open the warehouse scene, and set a focal distance of 4 meters and a focal length of 200 I get some decent blurring effects.

I don’t know what scale The cone is at, but when I drop one in that scene it appears to be 1 meter.