Full OpenACC 2.0 support for AMD with full OCL 2.0 GPU drvs

since a few weeks AMD is shipping preview full OCL 2.0 drivers for it’s new GPUs… also since August we have experimental SPIR2 code generator from Khronos which exposes CL2 features…
since PGI 14.1 release notes say:
“PGI plans to support these features in a future release, though separate compilation and extern variables for Radeon will be deferred until OpenCL 2.0 is released”
I assume you now have all the support from AMD to support full OpenACC 2.0 in Radeons… is that the case?
is PGI being bought by NVIDIA still interested on exposing full OpenACC 2 on Radeons?
Will you need SPIR2 support from OCL 2 implementations or not?
Can provide some ETA for a beta quality implementation? coming for PGI 2015 early next year?

PGI plans to support separate compilation (across files) and extern variables for Radeon using OpenCL 2.0 features. OpenCL 2.0 for Radeon was not available in time to support these features in the first releases of PGI 2015, but we are working on them for a future release.

Hi Michael,
sorry but it isn’t clear to me from your response if OpenACC 2.0 nested parallelism feature is coming for Radeon also…

Anyway thanks for response and details you provide…


Oscar: Nested OpenACC parallelism isn’t yet available for any target device yet. We have not yet staffed that feature, having seen little demand for it from our customers so far.