Full resolution image from dwSoftISP


I am using your camera sample code to receive the image in my application, but I am not able to get the full resolution (1920x1208) image from dwSoftISP

// create HAL and camera
bool sensorsInitialized = initSensors(&gSal, &gCameras, &rawImageProps, &cameraProps, gSdk, &gNumCameras);

dwSoftISPParams softISPParams;
dwSoftISP_initParamsFromCamera(&softISPParams, cameraProps);
dwSoftISP_initialize(&softISP, softISPParams, gSdk);
dwSoftISP_setCUDAStream(g_cudaStream, softISP);
dwSoftISP_getDemosaicImageProperties(&rcbImageProps, softISP);

The rawImageProps properties width and height are 1920x1208, the rcbImageProps are 960x604

Is there any way to get the full resolution image (1920x1208) from dwSoftISP ?


Dear KoMoR,

The inquiry seems to have something to do with this.

Software ISP
Detailed Description

The Software Image Signal Processor (ISP) converts RAW images from a specific camera and converts them into images with a linear response curve.

The output format can be either a Bayer pattern image, a demosaiced image, or both. Bayer image means a linear response image that has the same position varying color filter as the camera physical sensor. The demosiced image is the final result where each pixel has all color channels available, either via interpolation or downsampling. For optimization purposes, if only a subregion of the image is of interest, demosaicing can be run on that sub-region only.

DW_SOFT_ISP_DEMOSAIC_METHOD_DOWNSAMPLE : Half camera resolution combining a 2x2 Bayer cell into one output pixel.