Full screen and SLI support

Am I right in thinking that the VK_KHR_display is for full screen support?
Is this a feature you plan to support in the future?

Also, are you planning to add support for explicit SLI control, like there is in DX12?
Is this exposed by having multiple Queue Families?

How do I tell which Graphics cards have a display attached?

I have tested this with the 364.51 drivers. I am not in a great hurry for these features, just planning out what is needed to add Vulkan support to my Graphics engine.

Efficient GPU to GPU resource sharing is currently not exposed as part of Vulkan 1.0 but it something that Khronos is going to look into the future.



Just a note to support the notion that it would be great to have information on this sooner rather than later to plan ahead. As multi-GPU definitely has a brighter future for all given VR/upgrade-value etc. Also I am not sure how things like nvlink may effect things in the future if it appears on x86. All of which I am sure nvidia expects.

Hopefully we get a great multi-GPU upgrade to the Vulkan spec soon that covers it all then :)