Fullscreen Flickering on asus gtx 650 ti in linux desktops.

Having an issue with latest prop drivers and full screen video. Haven’t used linux in a while but want to replace windows. I get fullscreen flickering when using vlc fullscreen for example after sometime or moving mouse around after some time. And also pretty poor performance in some steam titles like tf2. good fps but lots of hitching when caching ram.

In some distros (arch,debian,ubuntu/kde,xfce) to fix the full screen flickering turning off compositing seems to do the trick. Like in KDE for example to stop the full screen flicker when watching video in vlc turn off composting. Or another solution, depending on distro, is to turn off powermizer from adaptive to full performance. Last drivers I used in linux where i didn’t have issues were the 331 drivers. Everything ran beautifully and I would like to come back to linux now and avoid windows.

I wonder if this is similarly related to an issue i’ve had on windows with bad company 2 game. Newer drivers will cause bad stuttering, low fps on medium settings and black screen flickering after some time. Rolling all the way back to a 2013 driver though fixes everything and i can run game with good fps on high settings. But its a catch cause newer drivers work better then old ones for newer game like bf3 so i have to pick and choose which game is more important.

Could this be a similar issue now happening on linux with newer drivers for older games like team fortress 2 in steam, which is also now affecting linux desktop performance as well with my card? I couldn’t find a way to install 331 driver in ubuntu.

I don’t know how to debug this fullscreen video flickering issue. Thanks for any help.


amd phenom II x4 2.8ghz
6gb ddr3
asus gtx 650 ti 1gb

Hi All, Please test with latest 364.19 ,367.18 and 361.42 share results. Also what was the old driver version helped to resolve this issue?