Fun with the volumeRender SDK demo. plugged a fractal formula into the SDK demo

I made up my own theory about raising a hypercomplex number to an arbitrary power in 3D space, plugged the formula into the volumeRender SDK demo at 512x512x512 voxels and got this. Pretty cool, uh? Not your usual z^2+c Mandelbrot. More like a distant cousin (at least when looked at from the other side).

From the first angle this looks almost like your usual mandelbrot.

But watch what happens when I rotate.

Oh wow, this was unexpected.

With slightly different parameters for the hypercomplex multiplication I get this “heart-brot”. Well, I guess it’s just the perspective.

Or how do you like these?

oops, posted this into the wrong forum. The gory maths details were supposed to go into, hehe ;)

gory math is appreciated by many people here aswell!! ;)