Function returning array not allowed


I am getting this error while compiling some codes using pgcc and pgf90 compilers in the PGI Cygwin environment shipped with PGI C/C++/Fortran Workstation:

PGC-S-0082-Function returning array not allowed (.\H5f90proto.h: 48)
PGC-S-0069-Dummy parameter specification not allowed here (.\H5f90proto.h: 48)

It compiles well with gcc and g95 compilers. Is it an issue with the PGI compiler ?? Kindly let me know if you have any suggestion.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Kunal,

I suspect this is a configuration or porting issue. The function in questions is returning a “int_f”, though exactly what “int_f” is I’m not sure nor can I find the definition in the headers.

Though again, PGI is a native Windows compiler, not a CYGWIN compiler. The CYGWIN shell is only used as a convenience. Hence, you should be following the HDF5 build instructions for Visual Studio and replace the Intel compiler with PGI.

  • Mat