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I tried to search functional safety on AGX Orin, but found nothing. There’s only a ARM Cortex R5 MCU inside that allow some realtime control.

I’m wondering is there any proprietary functional safety on AGX Orin ? I found Driver Orin has some FSI interface for this, is there any relevant functions on AGX Orin ?

Jetson’s have some Cortex-R series, but they are not for functional safety. They’re used within engines which need realtime behavior, e.g., the Audio Processing Engine (APE) or Sensor Processing Engine (SPE). I don’t know what its use is, but I think there is also an undocumented Cortex-R52. Of all of these, the only one I’ve heard of anyone being able to “hijack” and use for their own purposes is the APE’s Cortex-R5.

The “Drive” series (automotive) are the ones with functional safety, but I couldn’t tell you what they have in particular.


Jetson AGX Orin commercial modules are not enabled with functional safety elements. Fucntional Safety will be offered on NVDIA IGX platform IGX | Industrial-Grade Edge AI platform | NVIDIA.

Thanks for your answers @linuxdev @suhash

Hi @suhash
What about Drive Orin ? I search some info from the website and it says Drive Orin supports FSI.
Is there any design spec in the FSI part ?

Even Drive Orin support it, but they’re not compatible and can’t be as reference.

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