Fur support

Hello, do we have something like Vray fur in omniverse? I saw a video where it supports hair geometry from Maya… but a Fur material would be super handy for carpets, etc

Hello @marknoonmn! Take a look at this link and let me know if this helps answer your question: OmniHairBase

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately no.
its a material which you apply to already made hair geometry , im talking about some sort of modifier , like in 3dsmax that will cover an object with usd base curves which you use for hair since the last update.

I am having a similar issue, I want to create turf grass using hair and fur

I imported my vray-created turf, and also my 3dmax-created turf, but it didn’t show the surface at all in “create”, any solution to this, please? Thanks

I will talk to the developers and see if they support hair and fur and if not, when that might be.

A similar solution to creating fur/grass area/hair is using a paint-brush,

but the issue with a paint-brush is that if you are using a Nividia asset you can’t change the parameters of the element you are painting on the selected surface until you have painted the surface before you will be able to scale, rotate and randomize the assets.

*it would be nice if there is an option to scale the asset before painting them on the surface.
mind you, you can create your own asset in .usd or .usda format and paint on a surface. Nonetheless, this has its own limitations!