Fuse Multiple RSA Key Pairs

There are multiple remote users who ssh into the jetson to use it on a daily basis. Is there any way to fuse multiple RSA keypairs to the jetson using secure boot?

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hello WarHawk627,

may I know what’s your actual use-case to enable SecureBoot?

multiple users can ssh into the target simultaneously.
the same ssh public key can be used to as an authentication key for multiple users on the same system as well as multiple systems, just enable ssh-copy-id to send public key to remote hosts.

Its a production device and we need to set it up elsewhere. So we secure the bootloader so other devices cannot reflash/access the device

hello WarHawk627,

you should access L4T | NVIDIA Developer page for the secureBoot package.
please also check Secureboot chapter for more details.
you must have program fuse locally with X86 host machine,

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