Future of gaming

Hi, I will like to work or partnership with Nvidia since I’m a very smart game designer and I do believe Nvidia has a great potential in the game industry and it should have. I have some great ideas about what the future of gaming can look like and I want to innovate and make great things togheter with Nvidia. Imagine that you are in a virtual world and you see a amazing world, it may still look like VR but when you touch the grass… you can feel it. I think the VR and future of gaming needs great ideas and innovation, but also intelligence, something I don’t really see at VR companies. If interested I will like to talk more about this so let me know, happy new year.

I see I have no reply from developers but there are some great ideas intelligent ideas and they do worth invest in, since it’s about future of gaming. To innovate the world of gaming… That’s what I want to do and I will like to make this togheter with Nvidia. Of course I could tell my ideas here but I will like to talk with some developer/manager in private about this things,thanks.