Future of the NGX SDK


it would be nice and helpful to get an official Nvidia response to the following question regarding the future of the NGX SDK:

  1. Is the ngx sdk still supported today and the near future? Like many other users, I have also experience incompatibility of ngx image upscaling on RTX30xx series cards (3090 to be precise)
    NVSDK_NGX_CUDA_EvaluateFeature(…) returns NVSDK_NGX_Result_FAIL_PlatformError (No image produced at all; no last cuda error)

  2. Is it planned to add DLSS to the normal ngx sdk so that it is usable outside of the Unreal Engine Context? If so, when approximately is it planned? I know there is an application form which also supports the SDK outside the UE environment, but this form asks for a specific project and thus is not applicable for a generic evaluation or academical use.

Thanks for your Help!
Best Regards Ludwig F.

Looks like https://developer.nvidia.com/maxine-getting-started is the “new” SDK. Thx @Lemkinator for pointing that out in another topic here in the NGX forum! Noticed that SDK before but it was always called “Video” so I never gave it a shot… But seems to works fine! … Even at 4x it looks great! Maybe NVIDIA could make a note at the NGX sdk page that maxine is the successor.

Maybe it is still possible to get feedback on the DLSS question.

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