Future plans for supporting threading in emu mode

Has anyone heard about plans by NVIDIA to support threading on the host in emu mode? The reason I ask is that although CUDA shows promise as a high-level language to extract the most performance out of their GPUs, for all of my potential applications, I have to keep the code portable across multiple architectures (Linux x86, Linux Itanium, IBM AIX/Power, etc…).

Running code in emu mode, will allow me to keep my code portable for other systems. However, it seems like it would be useful if when the nvcc compiler expands a kernel, it does it using some threading model on the host. It could use potentially use OpenMP, or just create pthreads as needed.

Has this idea been discussed at all?

  • Craig

Search google for MCUDA. I think that NVIDIA is also coming with something but can’t quite remember where I read it.

There are a few posts by NVIDIA on these forums (sorry, I don’t recall which thread) stating that NVIDIA is working on such a feature that can be enabled at compile time.