FX5600 For Mac Will the Quadro 5600 work in my Mac

I’m having trouble finding out what model Mac this card will work in. The model identifier is MacPro 2,1. I know the 4800 will not work but will the 5600? It says it needs a 2008/2009 model but I can’t find what that means. Can anyone help?

Maybe its an PCIe-Slot Version (1.0 vs. 2.0) and/or Apple Firmware Version reason why GPUs need newer MacModels.

I would ask the Apple Hotline, thats the best way !

2008 is 3,1
2009 is 4,1

But any Quadro other than Mac version 4800 will also need an “injector” to get it working and normally you will need to boot off a proper Mac Version card. Mac cards are Q4800, GTX 285 Mac editions, 8800GT Mac editions and the Mac GT120 optional with the new 4,1 Pro.

The Q4800 and GTX 285 are exclusively or 3,1 and 4,1 Macs (64bit EFI). There were two 8800s, one which worked on older ones (32bit EFI).

A Q5600 might work if you boot off an older type 8800 and then inject it.