G-SYNC Upgrade Kit Question

Hey all,

I was directed here by NVIDIA support for a question they couldn’t answer. Basically, my company was given a G-SYNC prototype monitor back in 2014. It’s just the ASUS VG248QE with the Upgrade Kit installed. Somewhere down the line, the power adapter was misplaced and the monitor has been collecting dust ever since. I’d like to purchase a new power cord for it but I understand that that upgrade kits adapter is different than the stock one that comes with the ASUS VG248QE. All I want to know is the info of the power cord/adapter so I can buy another one!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I would have to suggest ASUS Product Support. I would not have access to that information.

Thank you for the reply, BillV! The upgrade kit was made and sold exclusively by NVIDIA. ASUS wouldn’t have any information on a product that is not their own.

I just picked one of these up at a surplus store & I think it might have a variation of the kit as it is marked as a prototype and only has displayport input. I’ve confirmed that G-Sync works with it and it’s testing well so far.


The AC adapter it came w/:

Order No.: GS120A24-P1M
Model No.: GS120A24
Output: 24V 5.0Z 120W Max

Wow! Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need