G14 and B25 pins in TX2 are 3.3 V GPIO capable?


I have a question whether G14 and B25 pins in TX2 are 3.3 V capable.

My question:

Can we connect G14 and B25 pins directly to 3.3 V I/O ?

The confusion is like followings:

  • in “Jetson-TX2-Generic-Customer-Pinmux-Template.xlsm”, G14 and B25 are under AO_HV (3.3V Capable) title and IO Block Voltage is 3.3V.

  • But in Jetson_TX2_Module_DataSheet_v1.1.pdf, it says G14 and B25 pin type is CMOS – 1.8V.


Hi, both pins go to chip through a 1.8V to 3.3V level shift, so the pins of chip are in 3.3V domain, but for carrier board design, they are CMOS-1.8V, which means can’t connect them to 3.3V directly.

thank you so much.