G80 (8800GT) processor layout ? Processor layout as picture...

Is it possible to get a rough picture or detailed processor layout ?
such as where is the cache, SMs, …
G80 chip layout…

Thanks ~

I “binged” for it and found this (if you don’t know this yet, Microsoft calls it the sound of found: http://www.bing.com/?mkt=en-US )


The G200 on the site is prettier and more colourful though (found on page 3 below)

This page has more nVidia die shots than you’d ever want. It’s pure GPU porn, naked and uncensored - to die for (hahaha, bad pun)


Because some of you might not find the “next page” link, here’s page 2 and 3




And just to nitpick: The G80 was used only on the 8800 GTX, early 320/640 MB 8800 GTS, and the Tesla C870 cards. 8800 GT was the G92 chip.

Binging for the G92 came out empty so far… ;-( But I found a G80 functional diagram which I inserted above

Bing for “GTX 280M” instead. It is based on a G92b (55nm):