G84 8600gt coolbits support removed?

I have noticed (performance) that “coolbits” overclocking capabilities have been removed from linux 340.xxx drivers for geforce8 series cards
unfortunately, nobody seemed to think this was worth mentioning in the changelog
i just want to know which version this feature was disabled in so that i can step back to an (in my opinion) “functional” version

thanks to any willing to help me out with this

Thats strange because this option is stillin the README: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/340.102/README/xconfigoptions.html

Can you post your xorg.log or even better a nvidia-bug-report?

yes, strange it is
i’ve read all the changelogs (like the most recent shouldn’t be enough) and discovered no mention of this
i’ve read all the readmes for different versions (340.xxx) and noticed “coolbits” sections do occasionally have different wording, but no real differences in operation or device specific support
no nvidia-bug-report should be necessary due to the fact that this happens:

theantibob@hal9k:~$ nvidia-settings -a 0/GPUOverclockingState=1

DEPRECATED: The attribute 'GPUOverclockingState' is no longer supported.

theantibob@hal9k:~$ nvidia-settings -q GPUOverclockingState

DEPRECATED: The attribute 'GPUOverclockingState' is no longer supported.

this says to me: “DEPRECIATED=REMOVED”



nvidia-settings -q all | grep lock

will return (among everything else)

Attribute 'GPUOverclockingState' (hal9k:0.0): 0.
    The valid values for 'GPUOverclockingState' are in the range 0 - 1 (inclusive).
    'GPUOverclockingState' can use the following target types: X Screen, GPU.

im currently running 340.102

not sure if this feature for geforce8 series cards has never been in 340 series drivers?
seems i started using coolbits (successfully) with 331 series drivers

i really just need to know how far back to go…


modifying this string seemed to take…

nvidia-settings -a 0/GPUCurrentClockFreqsString="nvclock=566, nvclockmin=566, nvclockmax=566, nvclockeditable=1, memclock=454, memclockmin=454, memclockmax=454, memclockeditable=1, memTransferRate=900, memTransferRatemin=900"

theantibob@hal9k:~$ nvidia-settings -q 0/GPUCurrentClockFreqsString

  Attribute 'GPUCurrentClockFreqsString' (hal9k:0.0): nvclock=566, nvclockmin=566, nvclockmax=566, nvclockeditable=1, memclock=454, memclockmin=454, memclockmax=454, memclockeditable=1, memTransferRate=908,
  memTransferRatemin=908, memTransferRatemax=908, memTransferRateeditable=1, processorclock=1245, processorclockmin=1245, processorclockmax=1245, processorclockeditable=1

this did seem to modify the GPUCurrentClockFreqs (2d&3d) values as well (they are read only attributes without GPUOverclockingState=1)

guess this works?

to clarify, with coolbits set to a valid value in xorg.conf (yeah, i use one of those) the best i can get throught the nvidia-settings gui is a fan control slider. no controls on the powermizer page
moreover, the frequency variables (GPU2DClockFreqs, GPU3DClockFreqs) are always read-only, making them unusable
modifying “GPUCurrentClockFreqsString” via the command line seems to allow frequency adjustment (for me, anyway)
NV-CONTROL Version: 1.29
hope this helps someone else