GalaxyCore GC2053 device driver

Hello. I’m working on a design that uses GalaxyCore GC2053 image sensors connected to a Jetson Nano running JetPack 4.6.1. Is there a Linux device driver for that sensor that’s compatible with the 4.9.253-tegra kernel that ships with the JetPack?

FWIW, the internet has several older versions of a driver. I have not been able to find something that builds with the JetPack’s kernel.

I have no knowledge of that particular hardware, but saw this, which tends to indicate that basic function is standard UVC (assuming it is USB):

I saw this, which is related to 4.x kernels, which might mean there is something additional to use i2c access (e.g., the sensor might be available to all standard USB drivers, but control could need another driver):

The Kconfig file indicates the feature is “VIDEO_GC2053”, but I don’t see this as even existing in the 4.x kernel. I don’t know which exact release that git project is for, and it might not work (at least not easily), but I would think you could use the sensor directly (if it is USB), and perhaps manually add in any optional i2c control. If this is USB, and monitor “dmesg --follow”, what do you see when you plug in the camera? If it isn’t USB, then presumably you’d also need a device tree edit.

Sorry for not being more clear. the GC2053 is a mipi/csi image sensor. Not a USB camera.

You need implement the sensor driver for it.
Have a check below sensor programing guide.

The “VIDEO_GC2053” driver from the github would probably work in combination with @ShaneCCC’s document. The part to pay most attention to is the part of the document which would talk about device tree since this is not USB (and is thus not plug-n-play, so the driver needs help being told how to find the hardware, which is where device tree comes in).

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