Games For non-Nvidia supported Smartphones

In this COVID-19 situation, where we are all packed inside our houses and nothing is open out there as its total lock-down. We as gamer of the society, we need a certain atmosphere around us, yes I agree that this quarantine is working great for us as we experience less hindrance during our games now. But what about those who do not have a game dedicated computer system or Nvidia supported smartphone?
As far as my views are concerned, I have been a gamer way before Nvidia existed so I know how it feels being on the other side too. I recently learned about some great games to play on non Nvidia supporting smartphones and devices.
As we all know that we have a different attachment with our smartphones, much higher than computers. And most of the smartphone devices around the world are android based. So, these games are specially designed for android users. Android has its own support system working brilliant for the whole world.