GAMESS + LIBCCHEM + NVIDIA : DAT file, where is it?

Where can I find the DAT file after a calculation is done?

The steps I have followed are in:

The command line that I am using to do personal calculations is:

docker run -v (pwd):/mnt/workspace -v (pwd)/output:/results -v $(pwd)/scratch/restart:/restart --rm -it -c “cd /mnt/workspace && rungms H_mp2_sp.inp”

After the calculation had finished, the only output file ad visible is the LOG file. But not the DAT file. On the opposite situation, when I ran an example with:

nvidia-docker run -v $(pwd):/results --rm -c “cd /workspace/examples && rungms cc-h2co.inp”

That DAT file is in the restar folder.

What am I doing wrong?