GAMESS + LIBCCHEM + NVIDIA : Read ongoing output file

  • [b]How can I track the progress / read the output file of an ongoing calculation in GAMESS-LIBCCHEM from NVIDIA? [/b]

The steps I have followed are in:


In there, there is a command line:

<i>nvidia-docker run -v $(pwd):/results --rm -c "cd /workspace/examples && rungms cc-h2co.inp"</i>

But, that command line print an output file only when the calculation has finished.
I want to read the output while the calculation is running and I do not know how.
I am running it on my laptop: i7 + geforce 940m + 12 gb of ram

locate the output file and run the linux tail command on it?

by the way, the command you are using involves NVIDIA NGC.

You may wish to also ask your question on the appropriate NGC forum:

Also note that there is a general support group for gamess here:!forum/gamess

(you have to request membership)

Yes, thank you, that is what i want
and thank you for the other links