Gameworks can't deploy to Intel BayTrail on Ubuntu 15.10


The latest installer offers, at the very end, installing the compiled samples to a connected device. I tried first my ARM 4.4.2 device and deployment went OK, all samples made it to the device although most of them just cant run on such older devices, then I tried on my Lenovo Tab S8-50LC which runs 5.0 and I got “cannot detect the device”. The Lenovo shows in adb devices but not in fastboot devices, and I got “Chrome debugging” to work, if that’s what it’s called. If you are not familiar it is about opening chrome://inspect/#devices in your PC’s Chrome and having access to a running Chrome on the Android.

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this further? Is this just a misleading message because the samples are not x86 compiled and thus incompatible?