Gaming vs.Workstation cards restrictions

I’m investigating suitability of graphics cards for a future product. I’m a hardware/systems designer, not a software developer.

Are there restrictions on software that which prevent it running on gaming cards but allows running on workstation cards? The GTX1080 hardware appears to be only slightly less powerful than the Quadro P5000 but is much less expensive.

Are some features or libraries blocked or not supported on the gaming cards?

Can software developed on a Quadro P5000 then be run on a GTX 1080? If yes, what needs to be done to ensure compatibility?

Thanks a lot for any guidance.

Aside from the following info it’s worth noting that the Quadro M5000 and M6000 cards sport ECC GDDR5.

[i]"What sets NVIDIA® Quadro® products ahead of high-end gaming cards?

All PNY NVIDIA Quadro™ products include hardware and software optimizations targeted to professional applications and they are ISV certified for many professional applications. PNY Technologies only recommends and supports using our PNY NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards to support professional applications (such as Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, Autodesk 3ds Max and AutoCAD, SolidWorks, TradeStation, and many others)."[/i]

FAQs - NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Cards |
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Some of the other pro applications which rely upon Quadro cards’ firmware tweaks and driver optimizations that trade off a portion of the speed of otherwise identical GeForce gaming / general use cards in favour of superior graphics (I also suspect that the Quadro line may have better QC as well):

Graphics Cards for Science and Medical Imaging | NVIDIA

A chart of the various Quadro cards:

Nvidia Quadro - Wikipedia
[url]Quadro - Wikipedia

Jul 5, 2014
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