gaussian blur on cuda

Hello,have any one one a code exapmle of gaussian blur on cuda. Thank you and have a nice day.

check the cuda sample codes:

go to the above page

search on “gauss”

search on “blur”

Hello Robert,

the link is really interesting but unfortunately, i can find code example. Is it normal ?


The link only shows a description of the sample code.

Unfortunately it seems the white paper link is broken.

The cuda sample codes (and this whitepaper) are installed on your machine if you installed a recent CUDA toolkit. Here they are on mine:

$ ls /usr/local/cuda/samples/3_Imaging/convolutionSeparable/
convolutionSeparable           convolutionSeparable_gold.cpp  doc       Makefile
convolutionSeparable_common.h  convolutionSeparable_gold.o    main.cpp  NsightEclipse.xml        convolutionSeparable.o         main.o    readme.txt
$ ls /usr/local/cuda/samples/3_Imaging/convolutionSeparable/doc

Many thanks Robert.

I suppose the examples are in /usr/local/cuda/samples (Jetson Nano).

I will take a look.