Gaze Detection Demo

How can we have access to the source code for the gaze detection demo? Currently it is only pulled and run as a container. It is at the below link:

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You can browse the container contents. There is lots of stuff there.

docker exec -t -i mycontainer /bin/bash
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Thanks for posting the solution -
I am somewhat new to containers and docker.
I tried finding the code for the demo, got the container name and I think I am in the correct directory, but I still can’t track down the code.

I queried for the running containers using
sudo docker ps

then using that container name I used the command you showed above.

The contents of that directory are:
“deepstream”, “deepstream-5.0” and “out”

Could you please be a little more specific on the steps to open the code for the demo?
I really appreciate it.

One way to see the code is to search the docker directory; sudo find /var/lib/docker -name The way I originally mentioned is to start the pose demo in one terminal session. Then start another terminal session and find the current container name with a docker container list and then use the docker exec command. I’m not sure if the github code for pose is for arm64 or not.

Docker seems great for production code and demos. I’m interested in development, however, so I’ve switched over to deep-stream. I’ve got a version of the webcam sample up on github at The next step is to just replace the current model with whatever pose uses and then add another pipeline component to connect the dots in the image.

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