GbE ownership transfer to Tegra B

I followed the instructions to transfer ownership of the GbE on the Drive PX2 from the default Tegra A to Tegra B from the documentation:

However when I run “bash /root/” I get the error “I2c transaction failed: error code: -1”. It seems that Tegra A did not release the ownership properly; but I followed the instructions and have tried multiple times.

Only thing that I am not sure about the instructions is the note:
“Not all input streams are shared. Share all of the streams before issuing the following example commands.” with no follow up instructions on what are the streams or how to go about sharing them?

Anyone has ever succeeded on transferring the ownership of the GbE port?

Thanks in advance.

Dear @mpechon,
Could you confirm if you are using latest release and also please share aurix version.

Dear Siva,

Thank you for your reply.

I am using DriveWorks SDK v1.2.400
How do I check the AURIX version?

Dear @mpechon,
Please check Check version of drive PX2 PDK along with Aurix

Dear Siva,

$ cat /etc/nvidia/version-ubuntu-rootfs.txt gave

Dear @mpechon,
Make sure you run all steps in root mode. I could see the same reported issue when running in user mode. Let us know if there is still issue.

Dear Siva,

I have found the issue, apparently there was an issue with my minicom which lead to the switch permission not being set to Tegra B.



Dear @mpechon,
Great. good to hear you able to resolve the issue.