GC6 Event On n16p-gt-a2 (gm107/gm108)

Hello, I need help with the video chip configuration. Can I disable GC6 and instead use the old way of power management when PWM controller was controlled by VID0 - VID5. Is it determined by straps or software? If it’s software, where can I get video bios sample?

Hi panov.31rusy,

Could you explain to us your use case in disabling the GC6?

Ryan Park

I need to change the GPIO table, change the mode in the voltage table and add my values there, assign the voltage and frequency in the CSTEP table and make my voltage map table. What I actually stopped, because I can not understand the value of this formula: volt = 37406 + (-24 * T * 5^6) where do the variables in this function, what is T? What is link? And mode&