gcc 4.3 supported in 1.1 beta?

Hi all,

New user here and was getting compilation errors in the building SDK’s projects while using gcc-4.3. For completeness sake: gcc version 4.3.0 20071026.

When I backed down to version 4.0 all’s good, 4.2 gives some deprecated string conversion errors but the resulting binaries ran fine.



edit: I was mistaken, see post below.

Thanks for the quick, definitive answer!

Okay, I was wrong (OSX is not my primary development environment and I should not make assumptions that it behaves like Linux). gcc 4.0 is still the only officially supported Mac compiler. With that said, 4.2 will probably just work, but we have not extensively tested it (like we have 4.0). 4.3 support will exist if and when Apple decides to support it (they moved to GPLv3 for 4.3, apparently, so when that will happen is a mystery).

Sorry for the confusion.