GCC compatible symbols


I just installed version 12.10 of the Mac OS X PGI C/C++ compiler and I am trying to use the --gcc compiler option documented here :

$ man -w pgcpp

–gcc Generate GNU-compatible C++ code and link with the GNU libraries.

However, I get the following error when trying to use it :

pgcpp-Error-Unknown switch: --gcc

The entire command line used:

/opt/pgi/osx86-64/12.10/bin/pgcpp -O0 -g --gcc -Mprof=func \
-I/Users/laurent/src/squack/squack -I/Users/laurent/software/misc-libs/gsl/1.15_gcc47/include \
-I/Users/laurent/src/squack/. -o CMakeFiles/SQUACK.dir/matrix/eigensystem.cpp.o \
-c /Users/laurent/src/squack/squack/matrix/eigensystem.cpp

Is this option still valid? If not, is there a workaround?


Hi Laurent,

GNU C++ comparability will be a 13.x feature. Some other documentation got put in a bit early.

  • Mat