gdb.exe crash when into breakpoint

I’m currently using visual studio 2013 to do Android app debugging, and I can enter break point in the beginning. But later it will become slower and when enter break point the gdb.exe will be crashed. Has anyone got this problem too?

hi KechiCheng,
Sorry for inconvenience you met, This is a case-specific issue. could you send us simple repro samples to let us dig more info to help you. I have sent you a private message about ftp address for uploading the samples.
meanwhile, what is the version of your nsight tegra?


I’m using Qt Creator 3.5.1 with qt5.5.1
I created a console application, set a breakpoint. it works.

When i set a breakpoint in a QT Widget Application, the breakpoint is not hit.

I moved the breakpoint to a button clicked function. start debuging , push the button. GDB no hang.

it’s builded in Debug mode.

I don’t know why

Hi JayJi,

It seems that the debug symbols of *.so is missing or the symbols path is not match with our code.