GdbServer not found

I downloaded and installed tegra toolkit 1.0 for windows. It goes fine but when I run the debugger it gives a error saying “NDK: Gdbserver not started properly”. also before it it says “GdbServerReceiver: /system/bin/sh: gdbserver: not found”.

I think there is some path error in this. Please tell from where I can change it.
The project was already existing in other eclipse workspace.

also got this after changing the build command to specific.

NDK: Starting up gdbserver :12345 --attach 25847 22.524
[2013-05-29 13:59:19 - andro7z] GdbServerReceiver: /system/bin/sh: gdbserver: not found
[2013-05-29 13:59:25 - andro7z] NDK: Gdbserver not started properly

hi doctor4tech,
It seems that your target image does not include GDBServer. you can use the bundle one with your apk or you can specify another one.
in Eclipse you configure it at debug configuration: Android NDK Application//Debugger/GDBServer settings
in VS Tegra IDE you do it in project properties: Configuration Properties>Debugging>GDB Server Location.

Dear victorli,

Kindly tell what to specify there(GDB Settings). I got that but couldn’t find what to write at port no. and from where I have to specify the gdbserver file location.

you could use the bundle one with default port number.

is this from eclipse or visual studio (nsight tegra)? if you’re doing a release build, gdbserver will not be packaged in the .apk file.

hi,your problem resolved ? i have the same problem. if had resoved,please tell me how to resolve that.