[GeeForce 940Mx] 367.35 causing Ubuntu 16.04 to halt when resuming from suspension mode

I bought a new laptop with Nvidia-Geeforce 940Mx as my GPU just yesterday. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 into it. and installed Nvidia 367.35 Binary propriety drivers from Ubuntu drivers repository. But I noticed a strange thing whenever my laptops resumes from suspension it get stuck at a black screen with following error message

0000:02:00.0 already exists at 0000:02:00, can not hot-add
0000:02:00.0 Device already exist.

Nothing works at this state and I’m forced to hard reboot my lappy to start working again. When I rebooted back and checked Nvidia setting, I could see Nvidia prime profile has switched its GPU from nvidia to Intel one. And now if I keep my lappy ideal and if its halts it does not create any problem.

What I want to say is, this problem occurs only when my prime profile has Nvidia GPU selected.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (71.7 KB)