GeForce 1050 Ti Bug

Hello Nvidia,

Just got a new laptop, and I’m experiencing artifacts which I have never seen before.

My understanding is that there’s some bug in GeForce drivers or the GeForce 1050 Ti has a hardware problem.
Please check.
Screens and demo included:

This is DirectX 11.

Rendering a 3D ball with 0.5 alpha blending produces artifacts on GeForce 1050 Ti with Max-Q, using Drivers: 398.82

The same app works fine when using integrated Intel Graphics Card on the same laptop.
I didn’t have such problems on GeForce 650m GT from my older laptop.

tested on brand new 15 inch Dell XPS 9570

Rendering order:
-backbuffers are discarded with ‘DiscardView’
-depth buffer cleared
-opaque (non transparent) box is drawn
-blue sky rendered using alpha blending (on the pixels outside of the opaque box, the sky alpha values are 1.0 = full visibility)
-semi-transparent (alpha=0.5) ball is drawn on top of the box and the sky, however on GeForce 1050 Ti showing artifacts

Expected results as on Intel HD Graphics:

Artifacts on GeForce:

Application, readme and screens here:


There is a bug for sure.

Still broken on latest drivers 399.24

I would really appreciate if you could check it.

The problem is something that the semi-transparent ball starts to render even though the sky hasn’t finished drawing yet?
It is a bug in your tile-based rasterization?
It is a driver bug or bug in the hardware?

I’ve done some more tests, and:
-when rendering the sky, its color values depend on the semi-transparent ball, even though the ball still hasn’t started drawing yet!

step 1. draw sky
step 2. draw ball

sky is already affected by ball ?
The rendering does not wait until sky finished drawing, but already draws the ball?


When I manually call
DX11 ID3D11DeviceContext::Flush

After sky, and before the ball, then everything works OK.

step 1. draw sky
here ID3D11DeviceContext::Flush
step 2. draw ball

Like that it’s OK

Can you please respond?
Do you need any more info from me?

Drawing the sky reads from the depth buffer, to determine the sky intensity per-pixel, it reads the main depth buffer with a ID3D11DepthStencilView that has D3D11_DSV_READ_ONLY_DEPTH|D3D11_DSV_READ_ONLY_STENCIL.
It reads from depth buffer, but does not write to it.

After the sky I switch depth stencil views from read-mode into write-mode, and draw the semi-transparent ball.

But your driver/GPU does not wait until sky is finished, and it draws the ball somehow while sky is still being drawn?

But using DX11 Flush, forces to wait until sky finished drawing, so it starts to work OK.

Waiting for your reply,

Thank you.


Bug still present in Driver 411.70