Geforce 3080 (mobile) not seen by linux

I am trying to access the 3080 (mobile) with Linux. I tried both with Oracle Linux and with CentOS Stream 8.5. In both cases I cannot access the card. I would like to add that I have another laptop with a 3070 card, and there are no problems there.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (83.6 KB)

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

Thanks, done

It looks like you haven’t installed the nvidia driver?

Ha, of course, but where is the driver?

First of all, since this is a hybrid graphics notebook with a new intel igpu driving the internal screen, you’ll need a recent kernel. If centos doesn’t provide one, try using the elrepo mainline kernel.
Then you should rather disable secure boot in bios, otherwise you’d have to sign the nvidia modules.
Finally, the nvidia modules are missing, how did you install the driver?

dnf install cuda-drivers

You will have to install dkms (from epel) for the nvidia driver to actually compile.
But since you’ll have to install a newer kernel for the igpu, you might have to use a different driver version than the cuda repo provides. Which version did it install?

I was able to solve the problem in the most inelegant way. Following your recommendation, I disabled the boot security on the bios. I downloaded the latest stable run file from Nvidia, disabled graphical mode, executed the run file, rebooted, and enabled graphical mode.

Voila, nvidia-sim saw it and also from the pgi tools nvaccelinfo.

I then recompiled my code and ran it. It is a fast card.

Now that’s really inelegant and lazy. With this approach, you’ll have to reinstall the nvidia driver on every kernel update. The internal display will also only work on fbdev so won’t be able to use the nvidia gpu for graphics.